Headache and decreased hearing after orgasm

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I am desperate to know if anyone found any new developments to add what I've just read, or can mention if doctors prescribed anything that works. It's vital to get checked out. I'm a lot poorer than a year or two ago, so the Pilates classes and the osteopath I was going to are out of the window now - and have been for a while, i. Headaches associated with orgasm are fairly common. If possible try to avoid sex for a few days. I was with my dad in hospital for 4 days before he finally passed away after he had a massive brain hemorrhage due to a secondary tumor found in the brain and can tell you I never want to go down that path.

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Then last night it happened again.

Have you ever had a Thunderclap Headache During Orgasm?

Strangely I'd never suffered headaches during or just before orgasms before in my life. Sexual headaches are not very common. The prospect of pleasure has done a lot to lift the gloom and lack of interest in sex - which has sometimes seemed impenetrable, as I'm sure you will appreciate. I wanted to isolate one particular issue: It ached for a few hours, I took some aspirin and it went away reasonably quickly. Same thing, same amount of pain. I've been looking up all kinds of things on the internet, trying to figure out what's wrong with me.

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