Adult blue throat triggerfish

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Adam Mangino, Eli Fleishauer. The largest wild Xanthichthys auromarginatus on record is Feed a balanced diet including flake, pellets, frozen meaty foods, and herbivorous foods. Snails tend to disappear quickly in the tank, but there's also a reef lobster, and it seems to be the culprit. All of the above information has been compiled from various sources and should be used as a guideline, not a hardfast rule. As with all fish selections make sure the fish is in good flesh, eating vigorously, and alert before purchase. I have had them, and durgeon triggers in my reefs.

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Medium - Bluejaw Trigger:

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I know totally off topic, but just want to make sure you get the anecdote nailed for future reference. I have one, he is great. But we shouldn't buy greyhound puppies for a one bedroom apartment There are bright metallic blue rings around the eyes. In larger aquaria these fish can be kept in small groups consisting of one male and several females. My dogs would be smaller and as such be slower and need less space, right?

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adult blue throat triggerfish
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adult blue throat triggerfish
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