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It doesn't hurt her anymore and she tells me that she enjoys it, but I cannot get her to have an orgasm. Young people 'engaging in risky sex acts that have been And if she does, enjoy the clean-up! Simply put, orgasms happen in the brain and as such, the first step to making your woman cum would be preparing her psychologically. Then you will have done all that you can and after that I would advise not bringing the subject up again for quite some time.

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But it's not quite the same thing if we get in a space where we need a partner to reach orgasm to validate ourselves, and that's not so good.

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I have never had problems like this before, my last girlfriend and I used to have sex for an hour or two everytime. Some women need the added stimulation of a vibrator, and this may also be suggested by the therapist. Make sure not only to apply it to the outside and inside of her vagina, but to your fingers and palm as well. We have sex for about 10 minutes and I have reached my orgasm. I know that what you are trying to do is to have a fairly equal partnership, but yet men in general still like to be the pursuer and if the woman is too available there is not then any semblance of a chase.

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how do i get my girlfriend to cum
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how do i get my girlfriend to cum
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