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Create new account free! In the last few months whilst doing live portraits I've intuitively focused on: That hard outline around her face and head also needs to be softened and even lost in places. I'd lighten the shadow under the figure's left ear and jaw line so it appears like a continuation of the neck form to the side plane of the head and soften the leading edge just below the ear. There is no reason for ANY of their sides to be parallel to the perspective lines.

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Jeffro, I think I understand what you are saying but I think it could be confusing - the vanishing point for everything in the scene will be the same, but the head - sitting on the anvil and axis spinal components can move quite radically from the body I know you know this so - the angles and tilts may be completely different while the vanishing point remains the same. I apologize to the Thread owner for my post of the image - if you do not like it I can delete! And you have introduced technically correct terms! Mine demonstrates I think that the parallel lines are not a necessary condition for a realistic head position. A nude portrait for young girl with Gorgeous color Quote: I've reduced our much discussed subject to her geometrical basics.

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