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I can just imagine the weird collection of people gathered round. I was kind of pissed because he did things in the movie that he refused to try in person. What would be the worst is finding out she does porn and the first clip you see is of her calling the guy "daddy". Not famous enough to get dildos in the likeliness of me, but I had a bit of notoriety in a bit of a niche fetish scene. We might eat a lot of hamburger instead of t-bone steaks, but we could still afford sending our daughter to college while keeping internet at our house.

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That second daughter got it easy.

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Your daughters a porn star

It just started and in the last hour, people have found 6 weirdly relevant gifs to post to the thread. Wow, yeah, that's right! Dude, you cannot say something like that and not give us names. I have a little girl and I imagine how painful it would be to find her in this situation a few years down the road. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. She would only be a failure if she failed to hook me up with her pornstar friends.

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