Berber facial characteristics

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Regardless of what you think about ehrets work,you are not a qualified Linguist,therefore,you cannot state his works as being fraudulent. Well yes and no. It seems that you are the one with a bug up their ass about proving race, not me. Please refer to the prior tirades of yours where you insist on calling me a liar as an ice breaker before you act outraged for having your rather epic ignorance pointed out to you. You are amoung the oldest inhabitants of Iberia it goes back to prehistoric times.

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In today's more centrally administered bureaucratic world, many of the traditional competencies of the assembly have been taken over by government agencies.

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Difference Between Arab and Berber

Because people fell to realize that the stereotypical Arab is not the ONLY natives to the middle east. You deal so effectively with these brainless dopes. New wild animals, most notably the cow, spread widely in the eastern Sahara in this period. Two domestic animals of Middle Eastern origin, the sheep and the goat, also entered northeastern Africa from the north during this era. Like the lancient Egyptians the skeleton was quite like those of modern Cushitic or semitic speakers of Ethiopia. And no, the M81 Berber Y chromosome shows absolutely no affinity to any Ethiopian population.

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berber facial characteristics
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berber facial characteristics
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  1. Sorry I snapped at you. I'm kind of stressed out and know the rest.