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If you are diagnosed with an STD, follow up with your provider or your local health department. If tests for gonorrhoea and chlamydia are negative then the urethritis is usually called non-specific or NSU for short. A small swab is inserted into the tip of the penis to obtain a sample of fluid — this is then examined under a microscope to check for signs of inflammation. This may mean avoiding certain foods and drinks, like dairy products and alcohol, or not taking certain medicines or vitamins. Sometimes there may be no symptoms, if present they may include:. Sometimes there may be no symptoms, if present they may include:

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See related article on urethritis. It's important to finish the antibiotics even if your symptoms go away. Tools for healthy sex. Treatment of urethritis Urethritis normally heals quickly after a short course of treatment with antibiotics. Discharge pus or fluid from the urethra Pain or discomfort passing urine Uncomfortable feeling in the urethra. To see the full article, log in or purchase access. After having been treated, you will not become immune to urethritis, however.

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urethritis from masturbation
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urethritis from masturbation
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