Hustler and color of money writer

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It's much and different than the movie based upon it though I recommend that film as well. Although both are sequels to The Hustler, the novel is the original author's take on Fast Eddie's life after the end of the first book. This novel is profoundly disappointing and vastly inferior to its predecessor. May 22, Elliott rated it it was ok. I'm speaking not only of Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio, who is forced to play the slightly tough, slightly sexy, generally submissive girlfriend, but also of Tom Cruise, who is brilliant at being "flakey" partly because he is in real life, from all accounts. It's a message to us all:

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This story deals with pool shark "Fast" Eddie Felson Newman who hustles in billiard rooms cross-country, taking on "suckers" whom he allows to win until the stakes get high enough, then he clamps down with brilliant shots, makes a bundle, and disappears.

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The Color of Money

If you enjoyed reading The Hustler, then chalk your cue for the Color of Money. Use the HTML below. Later, at a all-nite restaurant, he meets up with a crippled girl, Sarah Lauriewho is a disillusioned, life-weary alcoholic. How much money does an SNL host make? What's on his Watchlist? Retrieved October 31,

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hustler and color of money writer
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