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Orgasm Without Using Your Hands? Receiving comes with surrender and allowance. God's love came through me and back to me. By continuing to explore our site, you accept our use of cookies. This divine energy poured out from my heart into my cupped hands. She teaches women how to connect to their inner "queen", embody their desires and open their hearts so that they become what they are looking for. At first I did not give it much attention to this sensation, until I realised what is happening.

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This can be said for any desire that we are chasing even when we meditate and are seeking peace.

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La Opinión

Then I remembered the initial intention I had sent out previously, and I thought to myself, "This intention setting thing actually works the magic of the universe continues to amaze me! My intention was often tainted. But I had not one sexual thought. When our hearts are sincerely open, we automatically allow the flood gates to open within the lower chakras, and we can ride the wave of pleasure. It was so intense and unexpected that it kind of freaked me out and made me uncomfortable. As he orgasmed I also orgasmed unexpectedly.

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female orgasm without touching yourself
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female orgasm without touching yourself
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