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February 24, at 6: An angry Mexican mom is like if you took that scene from Congo where all of those hippos started eating people and multiplied it by the part in Inglorious Basterds where the two guys are standing on that balcony firing into the crowd as the theater burns. March 15, at 7: The last time I was spanked by either of my parents -- like, I mean good and spanked -- was in Shea Serrano April 17, 3: Ditto with adopted persons. Truth be told, most parents have harbored similar thought about their darling progeny every once in awhile.

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February 17, at 4:

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November 1, at 9: And that's when my mom walked in. March 19, at 4: Send mail to minister lavistachurchofchrist. If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. When the smell started to bother her, she asked if they would put down the windows -- but the MIL would only crack it because it was "cold" outside. Although the following seems obvious, our attorney insists that we tell you specifically that the information provided on this site may not be appropriate or applicable to you, and despite our best efforts, it may contain errors or important omissions.

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wish my mom would spank me
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wish my mom would spank me
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