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Dhao made no mention either of the attack on the Gaddafi convoy by a US Predator drone and a French Rafale jet as it tried to break out of Sirte, attempting to drive three kilometres through hostile territory before it was scattered and brought to a halt by rebel fighters. It was Sirte that Gaddafi turned into his second capital — a former fishing village that he transformed into a place dedicated to both his own ego and his Third Revolutionary Theory, which he embodied in his Green Book that was taught in all Libyan schools. The rebels were deeply divided over where Gaddafi was. It is the longest of these fragments of a death — a jerky three minutes and more shot by fighter Ali Algadi on his iPhone and acquired by a website, the Global Post — that describes those moments in the most detail. He was filmed alive but wounded smoking a cigarette and drinking from a bottle of water, before the announcement that he also had died.

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They probed for weak positions.

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Gaddafi's last words as he begged for mercy: 'What did I do to you?'

There are other clips that complete much of the story: What is not there is the moment of his death — and how it happened — amid claims that he was killed by fighters with a shot to the head or stomach. As NTC fighters descended on the fleeing groups of cars, some individuals jumped from their vehicles to escape on foot, among them Gaddafi and a group of guards. They were all wrong. A day later Dhao was interviewed by a television crew. According to Dhao, Gaddafi was moving from place to place and apartment to apartment until last week, but given the state of the siege of Sirte at that stage it seems unlikely that he could have entered the city from outside.

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