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Check ya wine cellar. Scarface - Yo, don't bullshit me, she thinks I wanna long one, but I just want a Quickie. All my homeboys and my homegirls, stay strong When things get bad Especially come the first and the fifteenth Stay strong, and stay ballin', hold on I'll catch y'all at the next life, we in traffic by Tupac Shakur. Get the picture, sit ya, seat ya, preacher with scriptures I'm equipped to rip ya, reach ya Pharoahe and Mos is verbal osmosis Coast to coast, we boast to be the most explosive here Ferocious, the lyrical prognosis The dosage is leavin you mentally unfocused here MC's just - come on 'round You're the next contestants on "Catch-A-Beat-Down" Don't be hesitant, sound cracks the sediment It's evident we medicine for your whole town Sky's the limit, game's infinite when I'm in it All windows is tinted, how you seein me when I'm in it? Like Rolling Stone said: People love the Dawg the the kids love Barney!

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Just as much as ALL my brotheren.

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Kitchen Nightmares (uncensored)

She'd of killed me if I didn't fuck her right, so I got on that ass and fucked the pussy all night. Joell Ortiz was my other choice on the Slaughterhouse cut "Hip-Hop prayed and brought Pun right back" Dre's a damn fool for letting this dude go. Out here in California, nigga We warned ya' We'll bomb on you mother fuckers. Nobody followed you, you was never shit your mother should have swallowed you - Big L. And set it off, get it off, let it off like a gat I wanna break full, cock me back Small change, they puttin shame in the game I take aim and blow that nigga out the frame And like Fame!! Scram Jones - Liquid Heat lyrics. I got 5 different languages, Not the same as tunin to my wavelengths kids.

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dont fuck with my kitchen
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