Trying new sex positions

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You probably shouldn't try this one unless your partner is extremely flexible. This one is all about her upper body strength and your back and leg strength. Click the button below to get the secret now… See If I Qualify. Go slowly at first to make sure the angle is good for both of you — you can also add or remove pillows from underneath her as needed. The backseat is a favorite sex spot because of it being the most convenient spot to have sex when you're typically surrounded by inconvenient places to have sex. It's also perfect for amping things up a bit by adding some fingering to the mix to really take her pleasure to the next level. But if you want to try something new without losing the benefit of clit stim, a vibrator is going to help achieve both of those goals.

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Have her sit down slowly until you enter her, with her wrapping her arms around you for added balance.

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Best Sex Positions To Improve Your Sex Life

Keep safety in mind and let her down gently as soon as your strength starts to wane, and make sure you don't pull out too much. What makes this position so great is that it allows the two of you to experience the closeness and intimacy you get with Missionary… while also letting you both sit back, relax, and focus on your pleasure. So if you and your lover are driving down the highway and you're bored as sin, and get understandable horny, you can't well have a roll on the interstate. Everybody knows that all people differ, men, women — we all are different. To make them easier to imitate, and to jumpstart your imagination, we've also crafted illustrations of each and every sex position on this list and given you the skinny on just what you can expect from each. You then either get down on all fours and pleasure her orally from behind, or have her on all fours next to the edge of the bed so that you can either stand or kneel on the ground to make it easier on your back.

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trying new sex positions
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trying new sex positions
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