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Skip to main content. The pair-bonding theory suggests that female orgasm bonds partners, ensuring two parents for the offspring, while mate selection offers that women use orgasm as a sort of litmus test for "quality" partners. Such a result would be what was predicted and completely unsurprising. Wallen also points out that previous research has shown that traits under strong selective pressure show little variability, while those under weak pressure tend to show more variability. Real orgasm Creampie Orgasm. To their credit, Zietsch and Santilla acknowledged the limitations of their study, both in the paper and in Zietsch's email to me. Unsurprisingly, Lloyd has a lot of bones to pick with the recent study.

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There may be few questions of human sexuality more rancorous than those about the female orgasm.

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What Is the Point of the Female Orgasm?

Lloyd and other proponents of the by-product theory agree that weak selection pressure could be acting on female orgasm, but not enough to maintain it over the eons of human evolution. On face value, it would be easy to say that women orgasm for the same reason: With human orgasm this bears out in that men report almost always achieving orgasm during sex, while the ability to orgasm during intercourse varies widely among women. Researchers Brendan Zietsch at the University of Queensland in Australia and Pekka Santtila at Abo Akedemi University in Finland asked 10, Finnish female and male twins and siblings to report on their "orgasmability" their word, not mine. All videos Pornstars Categories.

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