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Simply slide your partner's legs into the padded thigh straps, grab a hold of the rubber chest handles and get ready for the wild ride! A power play can definitely be a BDSM thing but I don't think of "power" as one person giving up theirs, or submitting, in order to let someone else feel powerful. Now I gotta buy an extra piece. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One person found this helpful. Harnesses may use an O-ring or a Vac-U-Lock system to keep the sex toy in place.

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He's into ass play like whoa - assuming of course. The fashion of leather sorta evolved from adopting a very "masculine" look, but also a play of power and domination this, in a way, is the thrill of leather, it's a submission under your own terms. Explore, find what you like. There are also a variety of harness styles, including double strap harnesses, G-string harnesses, corset harnesses, thigh and arm harnesses, and a range of underwear harnesses. WikiProject Sexuality may be able to help recruit an expert. It creases me up! Those with thick straps and tightening mechanisms provide the greatest control over the dildo or butt plug.

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harness for human sex
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