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But in a rare public appearance together since they left office, both seemed to have left past disagreements in the past. What did Cheney ever do that was Heroic? After much thought, however, he decided to keep Cheney on the ticket. At his book event, Cheney faced a crowd of people chanting and holding signs that said, "Cheney War Criminal" and "Torturer," according to the Canadian television network CBC. Cheney also pushed for a pardon for Libby. But he says he valued the qualities Cheney brought to their partnership and finally decided to stick with his vice-president, who agreed to run again.

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Interpol, the international police organization, does not list any outstanding arrest warrants for Bush or Cheney in their searchable database.

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George W Bush thought about replacing Cheney

Are there really outstanding warrants against Bush and Cheney from a legitimate authority, as the meme suggests? Security Council has not referred the situation to the ICC. But in neither case does action seem imminent. Bush also expresses regret for his sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina infor agreeing to reduce troop levels in Iraq after the initial invasion in and for nominating his friend, attorney Harriet Miers, to the supreme court. Of Cheney, Bush said that while his vice-president had helped with important parts of the Republican base, he had become a magnet for criticism from the media and the political left. The fact that, for a variety of reasons — not the least of which is simple political partisanship, this patriot will be attacked beyond the grave does not change the fact that he is truly an American hero.

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dick cheney nov 2010
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dick cheney nov 2010
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