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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Anyone else want to or currently is getting spanked by their girlfriend? Trust me, it's not pretty, and she will eat anything that stands in her way. It took some time to get her to give me a really got spanking. I guess the message here is go with what you know Would you stop talking your close friend if you found out they cheated on their partner? As she thought about that her mom came in.

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I try to provoke her into real punishment spankings.

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How do I get my girlfriend to spank me?

Although just recently during sex with me on top she started smacking my bottom pretty hard and said afterwards she forgot to check how red my butt was, I told her we need to do this again but this time with me over her knee, she just said interesting. Sorry I couldn't be more help. It is not weird. I've also have a hard time getting my wife to spank me hard. I think you need to punish me" and when she asks how, tell her you think she should spank you.

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asked her to spank me
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asked her to spank me
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