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Externally I've got the usual clitoris and labia, got a urethra, and where my vagina should be it's just a dimple from the outside, there's no actual hole because it's not connected to anything internally All those extra periods and cancer risks I said "fuck that shit! I dunno as a woman thats the only metric I can think of. They cover some of the biology beyond chromosomes towards development. I was diagnosed at 14, they figured something was up when I hadn't started my period. I'm small-chested, so I was making the joke that I'm still waiting for puberty.

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Ok I get it more now that I've read further down.

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Most of my development throughout puberty is thought to be from my pituitary gland. You have all the equipment that matters as far as sex goes Here How do you pee? Sure, I thought about it, but I later realized that i don't actually want children, I just thought it was assumed of me and that I needed to live up to that societal expectation. All those extra periods and cancer risks You are a real woman with mrkh.

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