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Also hate it whenever someone raises that he isn't funny, you get the standard remark "oh you dont get him". Hs face says it all really - he's got a twat face. Perception of what is morally right may fluctuate throughout our history but I think there is a rational and absolute morality at the core of it. Physically, middle-age doesn't suit him the way it suits some people. Sneering about other people being stupid is not in itself clever. I couldn't stand the guy for years just from the sound of his voice that I'd never even bothered to hear one routine from him. Oh the joys of HD.

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Physically, middle-age doesn't suit him the way it suits some people.

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What Is Stewart Lee?

He's not as clever, original or interesting as he thinks he is. He really irritates me - when he does one of his trademark "slow repetition" bits I get the red mist and start to have fantasies of going round his house with a sledgehammer and smashing all his Fall albums. This cunt can't even rally a paying audience. Surely a tiny requisite for being a comedian is to be at least slightly funny? Not very funny though You couldn't find a more tiresome, self-regarding twat masquerading as a comedian. We also know that laughing is a result of the unexpected.

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