Glenn beck position on homosexuals

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His concern about government abuses is a principled one; if the government decides what marriage means for one group, it decides it for all groups. Carson's now been forced to back out of giving the commencement speech at Johns Hopkins University. Related stories by this author. Most people consider marriage as a contract sanctioned by the federal government and endowed with certain benefits for the purposes of taxation and division of property. This idea that the government should not be involved in marriage is wholly unrealistic; our entire society, including much of our legal framework, is built around the concept of marriage.

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Unlike the thousand-year-history of Catholic social teachings recorded for the lay community in the compendium that is the Catechism of the Catholic Churchthe Mormons — like other religious sects other than Catholics — are, on the whole, not as strong in the social dogma department.

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Where is Glenn Beck on Gay Marriage? 5 Reasons He Is In Favor

Franklin, Tennessee, has the whiskey and war history to rival Nashville. Joinothers and get Business related news in your inbox. Perhaps, now that marriage equality is now the nationwide law of the land, Glenn Beck will have opportunity to clear his position up even more so for those who saw him differently. What fear drives people against same sex marriage? Beck said after Friday's Supreme Court decision, he is going to begin looking for new ways to communicate with the public. For now, it's a pretty interesting one to listen to. And now the law has given these activist groups real teeth.

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glenn beck position on homosexuals

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