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Not on the first day. It was such a cute moment, that obviously, I took the picture. Hey I was thinking. I'm not doing this, Bethany. James and I were currently sitting in a restaurant opposite our hotel. Walking over to the living room, I leaned against the doorframe, to see James sitting down on an armchair with his head in his hands.

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I remember smiling up at him and he smiling down at me.

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James sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, "Me too! No, they didn't know us. Now, I have some good news. Now I did my research, Lafferty, alright? Smiling back at her, I then looked up at the waiter, "Two glasses of your finest red wine, please. We were both really glad to get out of the room, because the music playing was really boring and draining. I know we uh… we drifted and all that.

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beyhany joy lenz kissing
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beyhany joy lenz kissing
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