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The New York Times. In the process, Erik's loyalty is put to the test. In the third film, Jim and Michelle plan to marry, although the forced invitation of Stifler could ruin everything. Throughout the film, he attempts to re-create his teenage years such as seeking revenge on a group of mean-spirited teens and throwing one of his trademark parties but fails each time as his friends and everyone else have outgrown this. Erik meets a college girl with a fetish for virgin boys and as they steal a kiss, a news crew captures the moment. Band Camp is a American sex comedy film released by Universal Pictures.

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Nathan attempts to reconcile with Dana but offends her, making her leave once again.

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American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

A day before the finals the cheerleading group of East Great Falls arrives and catches Matt in a band camp uniform and teases him by taking a photo and sharing it on the internet. After Finch pays to have positive rumors about himself spread to all the girls in the school, one of these being that he won in a fist fight with Stifler, Stifler humiliates Finch in front of everyone by putting very strong laxative in Finch's habitual drink of mocha cappuccino. Sign In Don't have an account? Retrieved 16 April He is re-introduced into the series in American Reunion. Be politeand welcoming to new users Assume good faith Avoid personal attacks For disputes, seek dispute resolution Article policies. Stifler's second appearance was in the sequel, American Pie 2with a much larger role this time.

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the naked mile wiki
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