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Dog owners should not ignore incessant licking behavior, even if the area being licked looks normal initially. It could be they are trying to help and recognize there is an issue. It is one of the reasons we find petting dogs satisfying, and part of what makes dogs and people compatible. View our privacy policy. In addition to physiological causes, incessant licking is also a common obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD in dogs.

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Many veterinarians believe itchy skin triggers excessive licking. The best way to avoid a painful, infected lick granuloma in your own dog is to deal with obsessive licking behavior as soon as you become aware of it. If you are a person and you have those things, don't let a dog lick your wounds, use proper first aid, you're likely to get an infection relying on dog wound care. Why does my cat headbutt me and then bite my chin while asking for food? This page may be out of date.

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