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The kids all love Grandma Banks, because she's a Cool Old Lady ; embarrassing the stew out of Phil whom she still calls "Zeke", and gleefully recounts stories of his childhood on the farm is just the icing on the cake. His horns have grown. In the pilot, Lois answers the door topless, not minding at all that she's showing everything Patricide would have been perfectly justifiable. When Tamaki's kendo team visits her house in the Bamboo Blade manga, her father wastes no time in breaking out the photo album, much to Tama-chan's chagrin. No way in hell. A fresh take on sports:

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Hopefully this weird situation turned into a funny family joke and made their bond thicker?

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The very first thing she does onscreen is observe how nice the ass of Honor's second-in-command is, and telling her she needs to tap that. Or, you know, he could have NOT cheated on his wife and family with a person who has herpes. But for some reason seeing your dad write "Get naked and roll around" is bad enough to make you go blind. Imagine yourself in the shoes of this man dad, husband, and thong owner. It's a case of embarrassment all around in the fourth episode of the third season of Maria-sama ga Miteru when the cast's parents arrive for the school athletics carnival: Eleya's mother asking her year-old daughter if she and Gaarra are being safe. Her views on gender identity are

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nudist embarrassed parents
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nudist embarrassed parents
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