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It's my first Lemon, so go easy on me. Her night-shirt flowed about her gracefully as she walked through-out the room. Just In All Stories: He looked back at Roll, and immediately his gaze shifted to her nether regions. Rock wrapped his arms about her waist. Hearing her angelic young voice cry out in light pain, Rock knew whom he had bumped into. All that and she still wants more.

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Slowly she leaned down, rubbing herself against him as she did, until both their heads were aligned with their privet areas.

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The two felt a familiar feeling building up inside them. Giving a few final strokes, Roll pushed herself up over the rod and licked the tip. Roll took a seat and he soon followed. But it was getting harder all the time. For the first three or four seconds, Rock feared he had made a fool of himself, but when Roll threw her arms around his neck and pulled them closer together his fears were nullified. And so they slept, awaiting whatever tomorrow brought. There was something she wanted to do before that.

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