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Load more like this please 6 0 Reply Submit Reply. It was my teenage fantasy of being in a locker room, and able to openly stare at all the hot guys. Also, every year at our high school, the ninth graders, always have to go to a sex ed class. It's free so why not? They shoulda put in the token black to make people like you happy. I wonder if she did it on purpose?

R, no, it's the US of A

Naked Weigh-In

After the competition is over, they often gorge themselves on food because they have been starving for days. I just want to be loved, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying wolfing down chips and salsa while diddling my floppy little cock. You know what I find most fascinating? Which I may burn in for enjoying it. You make it sound as if it was a three camera sit-com with a whole lighting team and boom microphones hovering.

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  1. She better be careful with this weight gain. Ive already seen how it hit Angelina Castro. Shit looks sloppy if you dont maintain it.