Why most landscapes suck pontificate photography

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The problem for us mere mortals is this: Right here on this website, the last critique I watched told me that a certain person was stroking his own ego and his critique was to change everything to his style. Do you obey your own contrariness? No need to be shy any more, guys. And it often makes things worse, because it 'anticipates' the wrong movement.

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Although this doesn't reproduce the full angle of view at which we see, it does correspond well with what we perceive as having the best trade-off between different types of distortion:

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How to Properly Critique a Photograph

This thread is about, mostly, with a modern IS system, can we dispense with the tripod in many situation? A minimal kit means you cannot get every shot but I have increased mobility when hiking. And they have to, else they do not work. Just as your crude abuse won't win any arguments. Here is another of mine that leaves me wishing for more. Other details are cleaner as well.

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why most landscapes suck pontificate photography
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why most landscapes suck pontificate photography
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