Unusual sex practices from around the world

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Well, it sounds to be a perfect place for vacations! Children in Marquesas island sleep in the same room where their parents do. From sleeping with a girl of six years to sharing a common wife for brothers in a family, here are a few weird and crazy rituals around the world that will make you say WTF. How to avoid Travel Sickness Sep 30, Cambodia - Where parents prepare love huts for their daughters to have sex with various boys. While this human relationship might just evoke poetry and desire on one hand, it can also incite horrific reactions with its bizarre rituals and practices on the other.

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The men got attracted towards young boys and preferred them for getting intimate.

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15 Most Unusual Sexual Practices From Around The World Which Still Exist

During this festival, participants travel to a sacred mountain on Java island to perform a ceremony to attracts good fortune through sex. A tradition Mardudjara existing Aboriginal tribe in Australia, circumcision involves the transition from adolescence to adulthood. But one woman with several husbands is something that you would not have heard before, except for the case of Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas. Mystery Corpse exhumed as it was heard screaming and banging the coffin 11 days after burial. Masturbation might be considered a taboo in our society but it is completely opposite in Egypt. Getting naked during intercourse is not a new thing. Polyandry is not only practiced in this region but is also accepted as a part of tradition and culture.

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unusual sex practices from around the world
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unusual sex practices from around the world
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