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The lurid stories were racing through her mind, filling it with torrid, racy images. Wonder Tomi steps in with a bat and bops her over the head. She reached down, winced as she tested herself with her fingers, and raised her hand back up. Super sexy squirting with super sexy beauty. Heroine saved the day with pure lust.

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To her chagrin, Miss Americana had to concede that the witch was right.

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Superheroine Wonder Darla Endures Bondage Orgasm at the Hands of Masked Maiden Sandra!

I knew it was wrong, but I felt drunk This time, they managed to drag a stilted, but betrayingly sweet, groan of pleasure from the restrained heroine. All the while they continued to slowly twist those oh-so sensitive nubs back and forth, back and forth. Carmen bobbed her head a few more times, drawing her deep into her mouth, before letting her escape with a soft gasp. I remember something came out of his mouth. Sandra regarded her with a mix of amusement and derision, her cat-like eyes sparking. It was the young redhead who answered first.

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  1. DANG! They should team the ORIGINAL Pinky up with THIS Pinky. THAt would be the ULTIMATE!