Remedies for bikini rash

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Several over-the-counter products are available to treat razor burn. Levine says to use an exfoliating toner twice a day and to use a hydrocortisone cream on the area for a few days. Keep reading to learn how to treat razor burn and prevent it from happening in the future. The Aloe Berry bikini gel really helped with my shave bumps. When hairs are cut beneath the skin, they tend to curl and bend as they grow back, forming unsightly and often painful bumps. Consider laser hair removal if rashes are a continuous problem in your bikini area. Prevention is Better Than Cure The best way to get rid of razor bumps for good is to change the way you shave.

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Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial agent.

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7 Annoying Things That Happen to Your Bikini Line—And How to Fix Them

If interested, the site I bought it on is www. What causes tongue bumps? New research suggests that the way we respond to minor daily stressors may affect our cognition and brain health well into old age. Shop for witch hazel extract. If you suspect that your bumps may be the result of something other than razor burn, see your doctor.

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remedies for bikini rash
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remedies for bikini rash
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