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Zee beautiful blonde Young lesbians having joy in locker room. The old men get naked and their balls hang to their knees. Its like watching a victim being stabbed to death, and though you generally are disagreeable to ending another being's existence, you figure since they're already about to be exiting the plane, might as well throw in a few baseball bats to the temples since you're there. If your point made any sense then it would have to be that the other girls should get used to the real world where they have to deal with different kinds of people. Sorry if I offended; it was risky humour, I know.

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I did not mean you.

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Young lesbians having fun in locker room

What kind of wussy students to schools bring up nowadays? Got my Masters at Virginia, the public Ivy. That's a fair opinion to hold. If he doesn't, then I assume the other girls will use their freedom to shun the gay girl. The same thing applies for a gay man in a men's locker room. I recommend you reassess your digital, binary, judgemental worldview to take into account more of the analog, complex, chaotic nature of the real world. Ahh yes, the crime of heterosexuality.

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