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A typical short only lasted six to seven minutes, but both of these cartoons were each 17 minutes in length. Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle contains a tan-skinned dark-skinned topless Betty Boop, wearing only a lei and a grass skirt. She would eventually lose her dog-like features and transform into a human female. The Ringmaster then feels Betty's legs and whispers something in her ear to which she replies; "You Mean? So what did the animators do?

The curtain goes up and we see the audience, the gallery of secret society members.

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Sposher, the Camera Fiend'. Actors tried to match the mouth movements of the characters, often improvising lines over it. The animation is loose and free with no effort to mimick reality. While all other studios did voice work first and animation afterwards, the Fleischers did it the other way around. The Old Man of The Mountain. October 26, by robotS.

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