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A few of them did get away, running for their lives into the endless cornfields. I felt hot tears stream down my cheeks as I witnessed all of my villagers being killed slowly, one by one, right in front of my own watery eyes. He chuckled at my weakness, and I could feel my face growing hot. After it was all over, the tallest man at the front, covered in tribal ink and enormously gauged piercings, turned around. I obeyed, keeping my eyes on the ground. Wrote in like 10 minutes after watching the clip, then kind of lost interest in it. However, the only thing I felt was a cold, hard hand against the thin cloth covering my breasts.

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I could notice him looking straight at me out of my peripheral vision.

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My skirt had been torn at the side, revealing a large part of my upper thigh. I could notice him looking straight at me out of my peripheral vision. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, waiting for the pang of pain and impending death to hit me. Maybe a minute or an hour. He grabbed my chin and made me look up at his beastly face. Why did he do that?

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